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I’ve been using the CBD tincture for muscle recovery. Not only do I feel less pain during the workout, I have less residual pain between sessions.

Korasana full-spectrum CBD Tincture
Shea M.

As someone in her seventies, I often wake up around 2 or 3AM and then can’t get back to sleep. Since I’ve been taking the Korasana Slumber Chews, that isn’t a problem anymore.

Korasana slumber chews for a good night sleep
Susan M.

I have been taking the Delta-8 gummies and not only have I given up marijuana, but my craving for alcohol is much more manageable. They’ve also helped with my anxiety

Korasana delta-8 gummies 250mg
Mike D.

I am an avid walker and hiker, logging 45-50 miles per week. Korasana’s CBG Nano Spray provided almost immediate relief to my feet and ankles. I recommend this product highly.

Korasana CBG nano spray
Troy B.

I recently tripped and injured my leg, and I used the pain relief roll-on from Korasana. It helped me get back to 100% faster

Korasana pain relief gel
Don C.