Do These 5 Things Before You Breakup with CBD

By Korasana Staff

Maybe you’ve already tried CBD, and you feel like it hasn’t done enough for you (or anything).  You loved your CBD in the beginning, but now the initial rush is over. And you’re not “feeling it” anymore.  Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s your CBD. Here are some reasons this particular CBD may not be working, and things to do before you breakup with CBD. 

Before you throw away your gummies and swear off cannabinoids altogether, remember that finding your perfect CBD match is a very personal journey. Just like any relationship, the real work starts AFTER the honeymoon and requires time, patience, understanding, experimentation, and self-discovery.

CBD Education

Here are some things to do before you breakup with CBD:

Step 1. Change your CBD brand or CBD product

There's a profusion of CBD providers in the online marketplace.  Just like that potential online date with the perfect profile and dreamy smile, you'll want to do your homework into their background first. Experiment with reputable CBD brands and try out different high-quality CBD products before you settle down. 

  • Do you know if your CBD brand is reputable?
  • Are you sure their products contain high-quality CBD?

Reputable CBD brands offer transparent and verified ingredients and come with a track record.  Look for CBD brands that offer verified third-party lab results for their products, provide responsive customer support, and user reviews.  

High-quality CBD products also contain consistent and well-documented ingredients. A study from 2017 found that 26% of commercial products had significantly less CBD content than their labels indicated.  You’ll want to verify the agricultural sources and practices used to grow and produce your hemp.  Cannabis plants are well-known for their ability to clean up the soil by absorbing toxins, a process called "phytoremediation." This means that you want to make sure that your brand is grown in soil that’s been tested and cleared of heavy metals and other toxins.

Step 2. Change your dosage.

Start by keeping a CBD journal. This will allow you to track your response to changes in dosage.

Next, build up your daily CBD level in your endocannabinoid system. What you will be doing is resetting your CBD tolerance. You can find your CBD sweet spot through this process of tracking your results.

Step 3. Allow yourself enough time to see results.

Don’t expect immediate results.  Many people take several weeks or months before they find their optimum dosage to achieve the results they are looking for. Your CBD journal is invaluable in this stage of your process. 

Step 4.  Consider a different delivery system

First you have to know your product. For example, have you been using Full-spectrum vs. broad spectrum  isolate? There are distinct differences between the types. For example, full-spectrum CBD has “terpenes” and something called the “entourage effect.” It’s considered by many to be more therapeutic for pain and anxiety than isolate, which is pure with everything taken out.) Have you tried other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN?

You also need to consider the bioavailability of the CBD within the product. Different forms, such as tincture vs. gummies, deliver the ingredients in different ways. And finally, you need to evaluate whether you can or should change to a product which contains some THC. 

Step 5. Do a comprehensive evaluation of your experience

Maybe CBD really is not for you, after all. Consider the following when you ask yourself ‘is my CBD working for me’: 

  • What were/are your expectations? Were they realistic to start with?
  • What do  you know concerning your genetics? Maybe there is a predisposition for CBD not to be effective for you.
  • Do you understand your metabolism/biochemistry? This could be another factor in CBD performance.
  • And finally, are you taking counteractive medications? A discussion with your physician or pharmacist could shed some light on possible interactions, and is always a good idea before adding or subtracting supplements from your regimen

In conclusion about "5 things to do before you breakup with CBD", you are in charge of your own wellness.  Being informed on aspects of all botanicals and supplements you choose to enhance your health and well-being is essential to achieving optimum results. And we should all want to be in love with the things we put in our body.

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