What Is CBN And How Does It Benefit You?

By Korasana Staff

We all love that good night’s sleep, don’t we? But today’s busy lives do not give us the privilege to enjoy it to the fullest. We always have stress building up in our heads for some reason or the other. Over time, we just can’t sleep that well anymore.

CBN (cannabinol), more popularly known as the sleepy cannabinoid, is a soothing and relaxing cannabis extract that helps you fall asleep. Not only that, but this wonderful hemp derivative also helps you stay asleep for a certain period of time. You just won’t wake up now and then and lose that beautiful sleep of yours.

Here’s just a brief of what we are about to discuss later in this article, and how useful going through it all is going to be in your life.

  • CBN is one of the most effective sedative extracts of a cannabis plant
  • It is supposed to be consumed in or after evening time to enjoy that peaceful sleep at night
  • CBN is mildly psychoactive at maximum, which means its effects affect the brain and bring about mood changes very mildly
  • It is a hemp compound with a very low THC count, which makes it federally legal for use in the United States

Many people often get confused between CBD and CBN, and they are right to do so. While there are certain similarities between the two, the differences are quite significant too. We will discuss that in the latter part of this article.

CBN: What Is It?

It is one of the more than a hundred cannabinoids that are produced as extracts of a hemp plant. While it is mildly psychoactive, it does not produce the ecstatic sensation that is often associated with cannabis products. It only makes you feel drowsy at maximum, which helps you fall asleep easily.

Like most other cannabis products CBN products are also available in the form of vapes, gummies, liquids, and more. Vapes are considered the fastest in giving you the sleepy sensation you need to fall asleep at night.

Not many know this, but CBN was the first cannabinoid extract discovered way back in 1899. But because its extraction process isn’t the easiest, it was often overlooked for easier extracts like CBD and THC. The trend is now shifting towards the CBN yet again, though.

Where Is CBN Produced?

Just like CBD, CBN is one of the natural cannabinoid extracts of the cannabis plant. It’s produced when the THC degrades during the later stage of extraction, leaving behind the CBN-heavy extracts. So, if you need a CBN extract you must look for older plants that have these compounds in abundance. This is because it is best formed when it is exposed to an excess of oxidation and heat. So, the older a plant is, the better quality and quantity of CBN it will produce.

The process of creating CBN extract comprises the removal of carbon dioxide, which is why this process is known as decarboxylation.

How Are CBN Products Produced?

The extracts are formed in cannabis flowers that have been properly dried and treated for any damage. The concentrated CNB extracts may still have terpenes and extraneous chemicals that must be removed too to leave just the CBN isolate behind. This leftover is a highly concentrated powder that is then used in CBN products, such as gummies used for aiding good sleep.

If you are not looking to use the concentrated solid form of CBN, you can also dilute the CBN extract using a certain carrier oil, such as olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, etc. This diluted CBN oil can then be used in several forms, such as vapes, or direct application on the body.

How Does CBN Work?

Cannabinoids affect a person’s body by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is what you can call a regulatory system that maintains a balance between several internal functions, be it inducing sleep, changing a person’s mood, the response of the immune system, body temperature, effectiveness of one’s memory, and more. The primary receptors that do these functions are termed CB1 and CB2.

While CBN works mildly with CB1, it has a very strong affinity for CB2 receptors. The exact results of performance, though, are still under research and may need some time before coming out in the open.

Potential Health Benefits Of CBN

While the studies are still in progress, what’s known so far is that CBN is a much more promising hemp extract than CBD. Some of the potential CBN health benefits are:

  • Aids Sound Sleep, which is very helpful if you find it difficult to unwind later in the day on your own.
  • Eases Muscle and Joint Pain, the effects of which have been reported to be even better than those experienced after using CBD products.
  • Supports Better Immune System Response, by building and promoting a healthier appetite and boosting the immune system against exhaustion and several ailments.
  • Eases Away Stress from the Body, which may otherwise affect your daily routines and lower your productivity.

How Is CBN Different From CBD?

While CBN and CBD share several characteristics, not to mention that they come from the same plant, they do have many differences too. These include:

Effects: CBD tends to be milder in effect than CBD. So, while CBD has proved to be more effective in soothing a person’s body, CBN is more commonly used for inducing a calm and peaceful sleep.

Cost: CBN extracts take more time to be extracted, and they are available in lesser quantities than CBD in the same plant. So, CBN products are almost always more costly than CBD products.

Years of Research: While CBN was discovered before CBD, it is the latter than has enjoyed several years of research being put into it. There is still a vast scope of research yet to be put in to get the best out of CBN-based products.

While CBN isn’t as readily available as THC or CBD yet, it is well on its way to getting there. Find out more about where you can find CBN-based products near you today.

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