Does CBD help for sleep

What You Should Know About CBD And Sleep: Pros, Cons and More

Life today is becoming more hectic by the day. So much, so that people today cannot sleep properly without getting disturbed now and then. Sleeping pills have been around for a while. But those aren’t considered safe for use over the long term. Given that proper sleep is necessary for a healthy body, it’s necessary to have something that can induce sound sleep.

Thankfully, CBD, or cannabidiol, has just the right ingredients to help you sleep without harming your health. But does CBD oil help with sleep? Let’s find out.

annabis plants have been known for many reasons, good and bad. Of late, the good side, or medicinal side of this plant has been gaining popularity. The effecting agent, the cannabinoid, is still the same, which affects the brain, through the common compounds known as CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How does CBD Help with Sleep

The research on the effects of CBD hasn’t been completely conclusive. Even then, we now know that CBD oil does help with sleep by reducing anxiety levels and addressing certain underlying conditions that usually lead to sleeping problems. Restless leg syndrome and even chronic pain are known to affect one’s sleep. But with the application of CBD oil, that isn’t going to be a problem anymore.

Another study done on the effects of CBD oil on sleeping concluded that the use of CBD oil improved the sleep quality of people who are already suffering from insomnia. With CBD, you can treat sleeping difficulties of all types, including the ones that lead people to experience PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

What CBD does is it interacts with the body’s ECS, or endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate numerous functions of the body, one of which is sleep. In addition to that, those who are experiencing some pain or discomfort leading to loss of sleep can also benefit from the use of CBD products, such as CBD oil.

How to Take CBD for Sleep?

According to reports, certain high dosages of CBD can improve sleep quality. The report suggested that dosage in the quantities of 160 mg can significantly increase sleep quality as well as duration. The quantities for CBD consumption can vary based on an individual’s tolerance level, and can be varied in the quantities of 40 mg, 80 mg, and 160 mg. The dosages can also vary when consuming CBD for dealing with anxiety (25 mg – 175 mg).


Hypothalamus can greatly affect numerous sleep-related functions in one’s body. The use of CBD oil and similar products helps deal with the hypothalamus by regulating stress levels, thereby suppressing the dysregulated stress cycle. This helps equalize the sleep and wake rhythms by releasing counteracting hormones.

Sleep-Wake Cycle Disorders

More popularly known as Circadian Rhythm Disorders, these disorders happen when the body’s internal clock that determines your sleeping time gets misaligned with your environment. This can be caused by odd working hours, traveling schedules, aging, genetics, or other medical conditions. The use of CBD oil helps initiate a certain cascade of events that lead to promoting a more normalized sleep time as per your need.


Anxiety disorders are very common today due to the stress levels we face at work. Thankfully, CBD products help induce calming thoughts before you lay down to sleep. These products do so by acting on the endocannabinoid receptors based in the body’s limbic system. This restores hormonic balance, which leads to reduced anxiety levels and promotes sound sleep.

How to Improve Sleep Without CBD?

There are several alternatives to get back your good sleep without the use of CBD. These include numerous sleep therapies like sleep restriction therapy, paradoxical intention therapy, relaxation techniques, and cognitive restructuring. There are several other drugs too that can help you sleep better. You must, however, always consult a physician before consuming any of those.
Remember, a doctor wouldn’t recommend the use of the drugs unless your condition really requires their consumption, that too for treatment purposes. Always discuss this with them before starting your treatment.

Where to Buy CBD Products From

CBD products are mild in effects, which means they have a very low concentration of cannabis. This is why they are easily available in department stores, gas stations, and also at numerous medical stores near you. Do make sure to check the dosage mentioned on the product you buy, while also considering your tolerance level, before buying them.

While CBD sleep products have proved themselves to be very effective in inducing sound sleep, their overall effects are still being researched. This means one must take adequate precautions while consuming CBD in order to improve their sleep quality as well as overall health. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended to consult an authorized healthcare professional before consuming CBD products such as CBD oil, vapes, gummies, or similar. This becomes even more necessary if you have a medical condition or are already taking some medication.

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