White Label Products: Launch Your Brand Through White Labeling

By Korasana Staff

Korasana is offering white label products opportunities. This is a great opportunity for someone, and/or a team of people interested in launching a hemp brand/hemp business. Whether you are wondering what white label is, or know what it is but are seeking more information, or have all the information and want to know how Korasana can help you- this piece provides all of that information.

What it Means to White Label

White-label, is a business model where a manufacturer, in this case, a hemp CBD manufacturer, sells an unbranded product to a reseller, who then places branding on it. It is similar to private label, though the two have their differences (more on that below). The simple description, a manufacturer creates the CBD gummies, CBD oil tincture, and CBD distillate, sells it to the reseller/retailer. The reseller/retailer places their brand labeling on the product, and resells under the brand that they created.

White Label vs Private Label

Private label differs from white label in a distinct way. White labeling CBD means that the manufacturer creates a bulk product and sells that product to multiple resellers. With private labeling, the manufacturer sells exclusively to one reseller/retailer.

Private labels offer customized products- no other reseller/retailer can label; manufacturers create a single version. For white label products, manufacturers offer the same product to everyone. The resellers/retailers don’t have the option to customize the product.

White Label 101- The Process

Here’s an example of the white label process using hemp flower as the example:

  • Hemp farm A, the hemp flower grower/cultivator, sells their hemp flower to Korasana, to re-sell under the Korasana brand.
  • Korasana then rebrands the flower with their own logo and sells it to their customers under the Korasana name.
  • The customers know the product as being sold and fulfilled by Korsana and not hemp farm A.

The Benefits of White Labeling

White labeling in CBD means that a whole line is up for grabs. With white labeling, one can:

White label topicals, white label drinks, white label vape pens, and more.

One can also white label in Utah, white label in Kentucky, white label in the Netherlands, and more.

One of the biggest benefits of white labeling is that one can use an already-polished product with their brand name attached to it. Generally, third-party manufactured products have already gone through compliance testing, revisions, troubleshooting, and other processes.

Rather than go through the growing pains of launching a product, one can use an already-polished product with their brand name attached to it.

White labeling pet treats, white labeling shampoo, white labeling tea, and so many other products allow for third-party developers that have the expertise, to create a product better. That can save money because they can be paid for their expertise, and the brand has the luxury of placing their name on it.

White Label and Business Liability

White labeling can save on startup costs and the expenses of equipment. There is one question that is always asked: “if it’s our label and brand but a different company manufactured the product, who is responsible when it comes to liability?

PSFINC has this to say:

Recall policies can protect you as a first party for retailer slotting fees, defense costs, lost business income for up to 12 months, brand rehabilitation, and government-mandated recall coverage. These policies also protect third party organizations such as retailers, wholesalers, and distributors for their lost profits and brand rehabilitation.

The unfortunate reality is, even with the best quality control, contracts that indemnify your organization, and a robust recall policy; it is your brand and reputation on the line for a defective product, regardless of who is at fault.”

It’ important to note that this is a general white label statement and not specific to the hemp/ CBD industry. More talk about this with a commercial insurance agent is best.

White Labeling with Korasana and Zero Point Extraction

White labeling with Korasana as an existing brand and/or new company means we offer clients the ability to know where their oil is coming from. The product that will go into their retail consumer products, which will offer them an edge over their competitors when marketing their brand.

Korasana white label opportunities.

Korasana has a discovery session where they learn about the client, gather an understanding of what they are seeking, learn about their brand, and most importantly see if they can work with one another. 

The white labeling process is very intimate and time consuming especially the first time around so, it is important to Korasana, that their clients share the same passion in offering the best in class products to their customers. 

They put together an initial budget, which provides the client with a detailed breakdown of costs including: certificate of analysis, labels, packaging, cannabinoid derivatives, design work, etc.

Then, a deposit is made and production commences. When completed, Korasana ships the order to the client and final payment is made. They also offer fulfillment and drop shipment for clients that have just begun and/or need additional servicing.

Korasana white label opportunities.

Companies can reach out via email: info@korasana.com, and/or call Korasana customer service: (888) 943-8849.

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